Submitting your commercial offer

Before submitting your offer, please read our documentation guidelines:

All commercial offers are handled via the Supplier Portal.

We kindly ask foreign suppliers contact us via

Please attach your catalogue, indicate your company name, country, category*, supplier type**, delivery goods and contact information.

Thank you!

*Fruits and vegetables, Grocery, Non-food , Fresh / ultra-fresh, Non-alcohol beverages, Alcohol beverages.

**Manufacturer or trader

Please be advised that X5 will require at least 14 calendar days to review your commercial proposal and make a final decision. It is therefore recommended that you refrain from resending your proposal during this period.

If the proposal is approved, all further communication will be done by the manager from our commercial team who will send you an email with the necessary contact details.

When expanding the pool of reliable suppliers, X5 Import prioritises opportunities for direct interaction with manufacturers.


If there are any questions, please contact our specialists

Please answer the following questions

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