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X5 Group is increasing its direct imports of goods that are not produced in Russia

One of X5 Group’s strategic aims is to increase direct imports of goods that are not produced in Russia, as well as that of seasonal fruits and vegetables. In 2018, X5 created the specialised division X5 Import in support of this goal. To offer our customers unique imported goods at the best prices and in compliance with all quality standards, X5 Import is actively increasing its direct imports from other countries.


To ensure that goods imported from abroad are stored in the best possible conditions, X5 Import has its own warehouse infrastructure that includes four multi-temperature hubs covering a total area of more than 68 thousand square metres:

  • The Centre hub in Noginsk
  • The North hub in St Petersburg
  • The Ural hub in Ekaterinburg
  • The South hub in Novorossiisk

The hubs are outfitted with the necessary equipment for storing vegetables and fruits, and feature dry warehouses for groceries, alcohol and non-food products.

Direct partnerships

X5 Import already works with over 1,500 suppliers from more than 70 countries, including Armenia, Belarus, China, Ecuador, Egypt, Israel, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and others. At the same time, we are constantly searching for new international partners to expand the range of products available on the shelves of X5 retail stores, at the best prices and in line with international quality standards.

Agricultural programmes: the target model for partnership with X5 Import for the supply of fruits and vegetables

Under this model, our partners grow fruits and vegetables specifically for X5 in accordance with our requirements in terms of quality, volumes and timing. This makes it possible to provide customers at X5 retail stores with the best-available fruits and vegetables that are as fresh as they can possibly be. In expanding its base of reliable suppliers, X5 Import prefers direct interaction with producers. All questions and commercial offers for the supply of imported goods can be sent via our Supplier Portal.

International partners should also send a second commercial offer by e-mail: — for the Fruit and Vegetables category — for the Grocery, Beverages, Fresh/Ultra-fresh and Non-food Products categories.
Please attach a catalogue and provide the company name, country, category,* supplier type,** products and contact information.

*Fruits and Vegetables, Grocery, Non-food Products, Fresh/Ultra-fresh, Non-alcoholic Beverages, Alcoholic Beverages

**Producer or trader