Financial tool for early payments

X5 Group presents a financial tool for foreign suppliers – Invoice Discounting.

This tool allows to get payments for the delivered goods earlier than provided by the delivery contract in exchange for a discount provided by the supplier. 

Description of the Invoice Discounting process

1 Step

Signing a Discounting Addendum to the delivery contract

2 Step

Acceptance of delivery documents by Supplier and X5 (including claim, if any)

3 Step

X5 provides the Supplier with the list of invoices available for discounting and the calculation of applicable discounts

4 Step

Choosing the invoice for an early payment

5 Step

Signing the correction (discount) document to the selected invoice

6 Step

Processing the discount document by X5

7 Step

An early payment to the Supplier on the date agreed by the parties

Advantages of the Invoice Discounting

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