​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Conciliation Commission

The conciliation commission – is a corporate arbitrator in disputes with suppliers. The commission was established for purposes of practical implementation of principals of the Code of interaction with business partners X5 Retail Group and its objective is to improve the efficiency of contract work, creating a platform for direct dialogue with the company's suppliers, the resolution of disputes.

Main functions of the Commission are handling complaints on the process of supplier selection and its disqualification, identification of problems throughout contract work, preparation of recommendations and proposals on identified issues for the Company’s top management. Moreover the Commission will review suppliers proposals on improvement of procurement policy of the Company.

Members of the Commission

Svetlana Volikova, Director of Risk Management and Internal Control — chairman;

Ekaterina Lobacheva, General Counsel — member;

Dmitry Agureev, Head of Corporate Security — member;

Margarita Khomenko, Head of Compliance Division — secretary.


Complaints should be sent on email compliance@x5.ru​​

X5 Code of interaction with business partners

X5 Conciliation Commission

Sheet of attachment to the Code X5

Application form to the Conciliation Commission

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