Fair practices

Advanced, civilised, socially responsible and innovative retail is possible only through the extensive use of self-regulatory tools involving retailers and suppliers. Hence, X5 Group strongly supports initiatives aimed at incorporating self-regulation principles into the industry and complies with the Code of Fair Practice (CFP) for partners and suppliers.

X5 Group has adopted an internal document making it mandatory to apply the CFP in relations with suppliers and to give the provisions of the CFP primacy in relation to the provisions of supply contracts.

The Company has a staff member who is responsible for the implementation of CFP: the Chair of the Conciliation Commission, Ekaterina Lobacheva. Inquiries regarding compliance with the CFP should be addressed to

X5 Group complies with the CFP for partners and suppliers

Key CFP principles employed by X5 Group include the following:

  • equal treatment of all market players, including retail chains, suppliers and partners;
  • maximum synergies between retail formats and suppliers, and cost optimisation across the entire supply chain;
  • inviolability of private property and freedom of contract;
  • no arbitrary interference in private affairs;
  • free exercise of civil rights;
  • respect by all market players of the ethical use of market power and the promotion of competition;
  • drive to meet customer demand for high-quality consumer goods.