In order to guarantee millions of customers quality goods every day, X5 continuously monitors the quality of goods at all stages of operations and communicates with suppliers and government agencies.

The purpose of X5 Group’s quality improvement programme is to ensure monitoring at all stages of the product life cycle, from the moment a product is added to the assortment to incoming inspections at distribution centres and quality control and shelf-life checks in stores.

Quality assurance methods

The Company has also adopted a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system and advanced quality assurance practices, including:

Audit companies

In order to ensure quality control, both X5 and suppliers have the right to engage independent auditors to conduct audits of the production environment. Audits are conducted on the basis of common checklists. Based on the audit results, the production environment is assigned to a category in accordance with a common methodology based on HACCP principles, among other things. A positive audit is one of the determining factors in the Company’s selection of suppliers for the conclusion of a supply contract.

This sort of comprehensive work enables X5 Group to guarantee the high quality of the items it sells and to provide customers with the freshest-possible produce. Information about the procedure for accepting fruits and vegetables and documents for collaboration are available on the “Purchasing fruits and vegetables” page.

The “Useful information and technical regulations” page provides technical regulations, explanations and answers to the most difficult questions related to the quality of goods.

Hotline for retail chains

X5 monitors the quality of customer service and the shopping experience to ensure hassle-free shopping for all of its customers. For us to improve day by day, we need customers to report any instances of poor service. To that end, we have brought a customer communication link online across our retail chains. Customers should not hesitate to report poor products and services or employee misconduct, as well as to suggest constructive ideas and make proposals on how to improve our stores.


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