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If this is your first application to X5 Retail Group, please submit your commercial offer using the form provided on the Submit a Commercial Offer page.

​If you have already submitted your initial commercial offer via the Submit a Commercial Offer page and would like to contact a purchasing officer on other work-related matters, please contact the manager in charge of your target product category:​

How to write to the required category manager?

  1. Find your target product category in the list of email addresses.
  2. Write stating the retail chain you would like to work with in the subject line. For example:
    Subject: “Perekrestok, summary of the enquiry”.

Manager contact details by category


Sodas / water sparkling_drinks_water@x5.ru
Beer, Low alcohol drinks beer_lowalcohol@x5.ru
Wine​ v​ine@x5.ru
Tobacco, tobacco accessories, press tobacco_accessories_press@x5.ru
Vodka, liquors vodka_liquors@x5.ru
Juices, nectars juices_nektars@x5.ru
Cognac, brandy-strong, drinks cognac_brandy-strong_drinks@x5.ru
Coffee, cocoa coffee_cacao@x5.ru
Tea, herb tea tea@x5.ru
Baby food (in the subject message must also specify the name of the product!) baby_food@x5.ru
Diabetic food, honey, nuts, seeds diabetic_products_honey_nuts@x5.ru
Sauces, mustard, horseradish, vinegar, spices sauces_mustard_horseradish_vinegar_spices@x5.ru
Conservation canned_food@x5.ru
Cereals, grains, sugar, salt, dry mixes cereals_grains_sugar_salt_dry_mix@x5.ru
Vegetable oil, pasta, fast food vegetable_oil_pasta_fast_food@x5.ru
​Chocolate, candy chocolate_Sweets@x5.ru
Biscuits, waffles, gingerbread biscuits_waffles_gingerbread@x5.ru
Eastern sweets, chips, potato chips, breakfast cereals oriental_sweets_crisps_potato_chips_dry_breakfast@x5.ru
Pet food animal_feed@x5.ru
Cake fresh_cakes@x5.ru
Meat delicatessens, sausages deli_meats_sausage@x5.ru
Bread, fresh bakery bread_fresh_bakery@x5.ru
Cheese cheese@x5.ru
Egg egg@x5.ru
Milk milk@x5.ru
Milk, dairy products dairy_products_cottage_cheese@x5.ru
Butter, fat products oil_products@x5.ru
Frozen products frozen_products@x5.ru
Finished cooking, salads finished_cooking_salads@x5.ru
Fish and sea products fish@x5.ru
Meat meat@x5.ru
Chicken chicken@x5.ru
Vegetables, mushrooms vegetables_mushrooms@x5.ru
Roots, herbs roots_herbs@x5.ru
Fruits, berries fruits_berries@x5.ru
Citrus fruit, exotic citrus_fruit_exotic@x5.ru
Household chemicals household_chemicals@x5.ru
Detergents, cleaning products, household accessories cleaning_products_household_appliances@x5.ru
Products for hair care and beauty products hair_care_beauty_products@x5.ru
Products for body care body_care@x5.ru
Products for skin care, oral hygiene skin_care_oral_hygiene@x5.ru
Cellulose and cotton products cellulose_cotton_products@x5.ru
Garden, sport garden_sport@x5.ru
Pet accessories pet_products@x5.ru
Seasonal Products seasonal_goods_non_food@x5.ru
TV, media and accessories tv_media_accessories@x5.ru
Home textile home_textile@x5.ru
Clothes clothes@x5.ru
Goods of "do it yourself" products_diy@x5.ru
Car products auto_goods@x5.ru
Household accessories, storage products household_appliances_keeping@x5.ru
Tableware, decor tableware_decor@x5.ru
Toys, goods for children toys_children_goods@x5.ru
Home electronics home_electronics@x5.ru
Media media_goods@x5.ru

Contact details for private label suppliers and manufacturers

To discuss manufacturing and supply of our retail chains' private label products, please contact our private label specialists:



Drinks pyaterochka_stm_drinks@x5.ru
Grocery pyaterochka_stm_grocery@x5.ru
Fresh products (excluding fruit and vegetables) pyaterochka_stm_self_fresh_ultra_fresh@x5.ru
Non-food products pyaterochka_stm_cosmetics_non_food@x5.ru


To discuss manufacturing and supply of private label products for Perekrestok stores, please send a letter to the category manager listed in the Manager contact details by category at the top of the page. The subject of the letter should read: Perekrestok, private label. For example:
Subject: “Perekrestok, private label, summary of the enquiry”..


To discuss manufacturing and supply of private label products for our retail chains, please contact our private label specialists at karusel_stm@x5.ru. State the category to which your products belong in the subject line. For example:
Subject: “Product category, summary of the enquiry”.​

Regional Commercial Departments – contact details












Division / CategoryE-mail
East (Ekaterinburg) / All categories perekrestok_division_ekat_all_categories@x5.ru
East (Samara) / All categories perekrestok_division_samara_all_categories@x5.ru
North-East (St. Petersburg) / All categories perekrestok_division_sz_all_categories@x5.ru
North-East (Kazan) / All categories perekrestok_division_privolzsky_all_categories@x5.ru
Central-Povolzhsky / All categories perekrestok_division_nizhniy_all_categories@x5.ru
South (Rostov-on-Don)/ All categories perekrestok_division_ug_all_categories@x5.ru
South (Lipetsk) / All categories perekrestok_division_lipezk_all_categories@x5.ru

Торговая сеть «Карусель»


Division / CategoryE-mail
All categories regions_karusel@x5.ru

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