1 November 2022

X5 Club offers new loyalty benefits and up to 20% cashback

Moscow, 1 November 2022 – X5 Group, a leading Russian food retailer, has launched new features of its X5 Club loyalty programme. Customers can now accumulate bonus points more quickly across their favourite product categories and have the option to upgrade their membership level. Points can be accumulated and used at X5’s Pyaterochka proximity stores and Perekrestok supermarkets across all regions where X5 oprerates.

The X5 Club loyalty programme now has two levels of membership. Each one offers new opportunities for the card holder to accumulate even more points and gives access to favourite product categories. The first level offers a basic cashback of 0.5% on all purchases, as well as one favourite category to choose from in each retail chain with an increased cashback of 10%. At the second level, customers can select three favourite categories with 20% cashback for each retail chain, while the basic cashback stands at 1% at Pyaterochka and 1.5% at Perekrestok[1].

The customer’s membership level depends on the amount spent in each calendar month and is updated on the first day of the month. Customers hold the first level by default, simply by being a member of X5 Club. To reach the second level and receive increased cashback, customers need to make purchases at Pyaterochka and/or Perekrestok stores in the current month and track their progress in the dedicated mobile apps of the retail chains or in their personal X5 Club account. When the customer reaches the total purchase amount target, they are admitted to the second level the following month. Customers can maintain second-level membership by continuing to reach the target purchase amount each subsequent month.

Customers can choose their favourite category separately for Pyaterochka and Perekrestok once a month in their personal account on X5 Club’s website.  For Pyaterochka, this option is also available in its new app. This means that by buying products in their favourite categories, customers can earn up to 20 times more bonus points compared to the basic membership level.

The loyalty programme is a key element in improving customer experience and building long-term relationships with our customers. X5 Club is introducing new levels of membership with opportunities to earn increased bonus points, so that even more of our loyal customers can take advantage of our updated programme and spend their universal points while shopping at both retail chains. We plan to further upgrade the programme by introducing personalised customer offers, gamification elements, new partner products and bundle offers from the Group’s other businesses,” said Alexandr Chukhontsev, Head of Loyalty and Partnerships at X5 Group.

For subscribers of Paket by X5 – which unites the benefits available at Pyaterochka and Perekrestok stores into a single subscription – cashback for purchases is credited in line with the product’s terms. Subscribers can also select one favourite category with 10% cashback in the first membership level, and three favourite categories with 20% cashback at the second level. The customer’s membership level is determined based on the previous month’s spending, the same as for loyalty programme members who have no subscription. Cashback for favourite categories is credited on top of other benefits offered by the subscription.

To date, the updated X5 Club loyalty programme has more than 65 million customers and is available at more than 19,500 stores. In Q3 2022, loyalty programme penetration as a total share of sales reached 73.4%. The average ticket of an active customer increases by 2.3 times when using a loyalty card.

[1] Points are not awarded on goods sold at promo prices, tobacco and tobacco products, gift cards, and lottery tickets.