Х5 Group offers its customers the freshest produce available. The Company's quality management team ensures quality control across the entire product life-cycle, ensuring compliance with rules and regulations covering the whole food production chain from manufacturing to end consumer.


​The Company has also adopted a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system and advanced quality assurance practices, including:

  • laboratory tests and analysis at R&D centres and accredited research laboratories;
  • on-the-job training programmes (in stores and distribution centres);
  • safe storage and transportation;
  • advanced equipment and rapid testing.

To ensure consistently high product quality Х5 Group audits producers of private label products and manufacturers that supply the Group’s offered product mix.

Х5 Group's dedicated quality improvement programme ensures ongoing controls across the entire product life-cycle, from acceptance of new products into the mix and incoming inspections at distribution centres to quality control in stores and shopping spaces. These joint efforts ensure the highest product quality and freshest produce available to the customer.

In addition, X5 closely monitors the quality of customer service and the shopping experience to ensure hassle-free shopping for all of its customers. For us to improve day by day, the Company needs customers to report any instances of poor service. To that end, we have brought online Customer Communication link across our retail chains (Pyaterochka: +7 800 555 5505; Karusel: +7 800 200 5665; Perekrestok: +7 800 200 9555). Customers should not hesitate to call and report poor products and services or employee misconduct, and suggest constructive ideas and proposals on how to improve our stores.

Please see Product Mix Control for details on quality audits run across the X5 Group stores. See Useful Information and Technical Regulations​ for technical regulations, information support and FAQ on product quality issues.

In accordance with the X5 Group Development Strategy, we have expanded in-store selling zones with fresh categories including fruits, vegetables, fresh meat and fish. X5 Group seeks to interact with suppliers that guarantee the high quality of products and we are always open to discussion of new delivery terms with partners.

Details of the project and documents for partnerships are available on the page Procurement of fruits and vegetables (in ​​​​​​Russian only). 

RVI JCS quality passports are also available in English.​


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