21 April 2021

X5 Okolo aggregator launches delivery from Moscow restaurants

Moscow, 21 April 2021 – X5 Retail Group ("X5" or the "Company"), a leading Russian food retailer (LSE and MOEX ticker: FIVE), has launched express delivery from several Moscow restaurants via its online delivery platform Okolo.

X5’s Okolo delivery aggregator already makes deliveries from 18 Niyama outlets, six Wabi-Sabi outlets, eight Menza outlets, and more than 20 dark kitchens operated by Mnogo Lososya Group, including under the brands 10 Ideal Pizzas, Rolls #1 and Yaji. Seven Gorod-Sad restaurants will also participate in the initiative. Delivery services cover all city districts within the Moscow Ring Road.

The choice of food and terms of delivery mirror the restaurants’ offers on their official websites. Okolo’s partnership with restaurants follows a marketplace model: the Okolo app publishes its partners’ menu cards, customers place orders, and the delivery aggregator forwards them to the relevant restaurants. Orders are delivered by restaurant couriers, with the terms of delivery set by the outlet. All dishes that appear on the restaurant menu via its website or mobile app are also available for order via the Okolo app.

"Our Okolo aggregator has been delivering orders from X5’s Pyaterochka and Perekrestok stores since late last year. During this period, we have tested our hyperlocal delivery model and attracted loyal customers who regularly use the Okolo app for their daily shopping needs. Okolo’s digital expertise and robust business model helped the service quickly build partnerships with several restaurants. The Okolo delivery service focuses on collaborating with leading companies that have established themselves in the ready-to-eat meals delivery market, offeringamplecity coverage and earning positive customer feedback. We want our customers to be able to satisfy their local food and ready-to-eat needs with a single app, within the shortest time frame possible and to enjoy the experience," Х5 Retail Group CEO Igor Shekhterman said.

X5 launched its Okolo-branded aggregator for food and ready-to-eat meal delivery services in November 2020. The services are available via a single mobile app. The Okolo app leverages a hyperlocal consumption model, with food and ready-to-eat meals delivered from the nearest stores, restaurants and cafés. Today, Okolo offers the entire range of products available in X5 stores. Orders are delivered on the same day, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm or 7:00 am to 11:00 pm, depending on the store. Okolo’s operating model relies on partnerships with small local businesses offering express delivery services, particularly in the food and ready-to-eat segments, who deliver the orders for X5.​