1 August 2019

X5 and Foodbankrus to host Basket of Kindness online food drive

​Moscow, 1 August2019 – X5 Retail Group ("X5" or the "Company"), a leading Russian food retailer, and the Foodbankrus will host the second online Basket of Kindness food drive, which is a charity project to collect food for individuals in need. The food drive will run on the official website at корзинадоброты.рф​ from 1 August 2019 to 1 October 2019.

Anyone wishing to participate can donate between RUB 150 and RUB 2,000 via the website, with each sum representing a set selection of products. Once the food drive is over, the goods will be divided into sets that provide people with basic daily needs such as cereal grains, pasta, sunflower oil, canned foods, tea and confectionery.

X5 Retail Group has agreed to pay all organisational costs for the food drive. Its retail chains will also add some missing items to balance out the food baskets. Upon completion of the two-month food drive, volunteers will sort the sets and deliver them to those in need. For this event, Basket of Kindness aims to help elderly people living alone in rural areas of the Samara region.

More than 96,000 users have visited корзинадоброты.рф​ since X5 and the Foodbankrus launched the online charity store in late 2017, with donations now coming from almost a third of the visitors. The first food drive was run on the website from 15 August 2018 to 15 October 2018, and it helped provide in excess of 1,400 food baskets to seniors living alone in the Nizhny Novgorod region.  

Launched in 2015, the Basket of Kindness project has attracted some 99,000 donors and collected 294 tonnes of food for around 29,500 families.  ​