7 August 2019

Pyaterochka deploys Smart Store technology to reduce energy consumption

Moscow, 7 August 2019 – The Pyaterochka retail chain rolls out an extended Smart Store pilot to cut energy consumption at retail outlets by 4.9%.

As part of the project, the four main areas of energy consumption were identified: refrigerators (62% of total energy consumption), lighting (15%), air conditioning and ventilation (10%), and air curtains (9%). The current stage of the project has seen the full automation of control of refrigeration equipment, including parameter settings, collection of telemetry data for further analysis and examination of the system’s resistance to accidents. Automatic control of lighting has also been implemented, monitoring day/night mode, external lighting and advertising. Other energy consuming equipment is currently being integrated into the system and is being prepared to automatically adjust to changes in external conditions. For example, air curtains will automatically switch operating mode in response to changes in the indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Smart Store is a comprehensive system that employs special sensors, control devices and software to integrate into the existing operating and maintenance processes, helping to reduce energy consumption, automate equipment control and minimise the risk of accidents.

By now, the Smart Store solution has been implemented in four Pyaterochka stores in Moscow. The technology is set to be rolled out in 120 branches of the chain in the near future. From 2020, all newly opened and refurbished Pyaterochka stores will be equipped with this technology.

Electricity is one of the three largest SG&A cost items at X5 Retail Group. It also accounts for 80-85% of the store’s utility bills. As part of its energy efficiency effort, X5 seeks to gradually reduce energy consumption per square metre of retail space. For example, in 2019, Pyaterochka has cut the kWh consumption per square metre by 4% and 8% compared to 2018 and 2016, respectively.