17 July 2020 expands delivery to five new regions

Moscow, 17July 2020 – The online supermarket has expanded its home delivery service to the cities of Tver, Tula, Ryazan, Vladimir and Veliky Novgorod. It has also widened its delivery area in the Moscow and Leningrad regions, adding sections between the Moscow Big Ring (А-108) and Tula, and between the Moscow Big Ring (А-108) and Ryazan, as well as Vyborg, Kingisepp, Tikhvin, Luga and Kirishi. The service was expanded its coverage by a total of approximately 3,000 sq km, which translates into a 3% increase in the potential monthly audience.

Orders in the new regions are processed by the nearest dark stores, with the same prices applying across all locations. The minimum order is RUB 3,000 in Vladimir, Ryazan, Tver and Tula and RUB 2,500 in Veliky Novgorod. Orders below RUB 4,000 are delivered free of charge during the day, orders above this value will qualify for a two-hour interval to be specified by the customer.

In the new towns of the Leningrad region, the minimum order is RUB 1,000, free delivery during the day is possible for orders over RUB 2,000, while orders over RUB 5,000 are delivered within a two-hour interval. New customers are offered a discount of RUB 1,500 for the first three orders in all regions.

The online supermarket offers delivery of its full product range, including fruit, meat and frozen products. Frozen goods are transported in thermoboxes with dry ice. The transportation fleet is equipped with refrigerators to ensure products are delivered in compliance with all the temperature requirements.

Today, the new regions receive deliveries three times a week, but the frequency can be adjusted depending on local demand.

"The continuous expansion of our delivery service zone is a priority for We have sufficient resources to supply products to the areas adjacent to the Moscow and Leningrad regions. Their proximity to our dark stores and our technological capabilities help optimise routes and transport products in a proper way. Our goal is not only to save time for more regular and new customers every time they choose home delivery, but to offer them the safest possible way of purchasing food for themselves and their families," said Leonid Dovladbegyan, Managing Director of online supermarket.

This June, entered the Nizhny Novgorod market. To fulfil online orders in the new region, the service launched its fifth dark store ahead of schedule.

In H1 2020, the online supermarket delivered a total of over 1.4 million orders, 885 thousand of which were in the second quarter. The average ticket in Q2 2020 was RUB 4.5 thousand.​​