21 February 2022

Х5 Group and Sber discuss expansion of partnership in ecosystem and digital product development

Moscow, 21 February 2022 – X5 Group and Sber are currently discussing expansion of their cooperation on joint projects in e-commerce, data architecture management, the development of cloud technologies and artificial intelligence, as well as the creation of virtual assistants.

X5 Group’s main area of focus in e-commerce will be on developing express delivery services, while the Perekrestok Vprok “stock-up shopping” service may be merged into Sber’s own e-commerce business and developed as part of its own ecosystem, in particular, with the SberMegaMarket marketplace.

The parties are currently in the process of negotiations and the outcome will be announced in due course.

Igor Shekhterman, CEO of X5 Group:

“Cooperation with Sber, which is one of Russia’s technology leaders, in the field of ecosystem and digital products will enable us to strengthen our expertise in this area and to bring unique products and services to our clients faster. X5 Group’s focus on developing express delivery from our stores will enable us to participate effectively in the digital race while leveraging our advanced infrastructure, scale, the strength of our retail brands and advantageous terms with suppliers.”

Lev Khasis, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank:

“Sber and X5 Group have millions of customers in common, and we see a significant level of potential synergy in our cooperation, which I am certain will be mutually beneficial for both our companies and our clients. We are currently discussing the details of further collaboration, which will be based, inter alia, on cutting-edge technological solutions by Sber, including in the fields of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data analysis, and virtual assistants.”​