13 November 2019

Energy efficiency system saves Perekrestok 10% on electricity costs

Moscow, 13 November 2019 – X5 Retail Group (“X5” or the “Company”), a leading Russian food retailer (LSE and MOEX ticker: “FIVE”), has introduced an energy efficiency system that consists of a comprehensive system for distribution boards in order to improve the energy efficiency of Perekrestok supermarkets. The new technology has already been piloted and is now being integrated into every new store. The automated control and monitoring system will help cut power consumption in supermarkets by an average of 10%.

The implementation of the project delivered 100% automation of processes in three core groups of energy consuming equipment: ventilation (year-round), air curtains (in winter), and air conditioning (in summer). The energy efficiency system regulates equipment and lighting loads based on the operating mode of the retail facility, current temperature indoors and outdoors, and CO2 content in the air. In addition to in-store equipment control, the system can also monitor the effectiveness of work carried out by maintenance contractors, collect telemetry data for further analysis, and examine the system’s resistance to accidents.

The energy efficiency system is a comprehensive solution that employs a main controller and special sensors to automatically manage all connected equipment. It is integrated into the existing IT architecture of the supermarket, with all collected data stored on X5’s servers.

In 2019, the new system was piloted in 30 Perekrestok supermarkets in Moscow and it achieved the required 10% savings in electricity costs. The pilot helped to reduce energy consumption, facilitated a review of equipment installed at new and refurbished stores and increased the efficiency of regular maintenance.

The technology, which is now part of the standard equipment for all newly opened and refurbished stores, is set to be rolled out in 200 Perekrestok stores in the near future.

Accounting for 80–85% of stores’ utility bills, electricity is one of the three largest SG&A cost items at X5 Retail Group. As part of its energy efficiency effort, the Company seeks to gradually reduce energy consumption per square metre of retail space.​