8 September 2023

Chizhik opens its 1,000th store

Krasnodar, 8 September 2023 – The Chizhik retail chain has opened its 1,000th store, a retail outlet of almost 350 square metres in Krasnodar[1].

Chizhik stores offer a small but sought-after selection of value-for-money products. The landmark Chizhik store’s assortment features approximately 700 SKUs, including over 400 private label items that are unique to the chain.

A carefully selected product mix and continuous product quality assurance are among the key differentiators that set Chizhik apart. The process starts with at least 200 people tasting new products before they hit the shelves, ensuring that Chizhik stores only offer products that have been top-rated by tasters. All suppliers are audited, with Chizhik verifying product formulation and label claims as well as compliance with Russian state standards and other requirements to enforce the strict rule that products must be free of any harmful additives, GMOs or soy. Before being included in Chizhik’s product mix, a product is thoroughly tested by an independent accredited laboratory. The chain also acts quickly on any customer feedback flagging potential quality issues, with ad-hoc supplier audits performed when non-conforming products are identified. Chizhik also uses customer feedback to refine product formulations and ingredients or improve packaging, inviting customers to return items with no receipt for a full refund if they are unhappy with the taste or quality of any product purchased at the chain.

Chizhik also stands out for its unique Nado Uspet (“Catch the Price”) zone that highlights the best deals in household, kitchen, garden goods, children’s goods, and other products – all in one place. This selection is refreshed every week.

Ilya Yakubson, Managing Director of Chizhik: “The opening of our 1,000th store is an important milestone for us. Today, Chizhik is fully equipped to further scale up its operations: it has a strong team, infrastructure, suppliers, and a unique assortment that is on par with leading brands in terms of quality and taste, but more attractively priced. We offer our customers what we eat ourselves, and we believe this is an important quality marker. We feel that Chizhik attracts strong attention from customers, and we appreciate it, doing our best every day to live up to your trust. We will continue to expand our chain to provide millions of Russians with highly affordable, quality products.”

Chizhik started out in 2021, aiming to lead the discount segment and deliver the best value proposition in the market. According to external research, Chizhik’s net promoter score (NPS) is growing as customers express satisfaction with its pricing, convenient store locations, and quality product offerings, keeping Chizhik ahead of most retail chains in perceived price attractiveness. Over the past two years the chain has opened stores in more than 300 cities and towns in 34 regions across Russia. Chizhik’s revenue quadrupled in the second quarter of 2023, with selling space also quadrupling over the first half of the year. The chain expects to post a further increase in its store opening rate for the full year, aiming to open at least 1,600 stores and enter 11 new regions in 2023.

Chizhik has also launched nine owned distribution centres, which supply stores with products from over 300 nationwide and local suppliers.

[1] On 2 M.P. Shemyakina Street (formerly 1/7 3rd Trudovaya Street).