3 July 2023

Avito Delivery to use Pyaterochka and Perekrestok stores: 5Post pickup points to join the Avito network

Moscow, 3 July 2023 – Starting from June, users of Avito, a leading Russian online classified ads platform, will be able to drop off and pick up their parcels at a limited number of locations served by 5Post (part of X5 Group) across all regions of Russia. This initiative is part of a joint pilot project between Avito Delivery and 5Post, a service with an extensive network for delivering online orders via automated parcel lockers and pickup points. In the future, if the pilot is successful, customers will be able to drop off and collect Avito orders at more than 13,000 additional pickup points and more than 5,000 multi-parcel lockers located in X5’s Pyaterochka and Perekrestok retail chain stores.

Avito Delivery enables customers to buy and sell items on Avito outside of their city while providing transaction security for both the buyer and the seller. Transactions between residents of different regions are growing particularly fast. For example, over two years,[1] the number of orders fulfilled via Avito Delivery has increased tenfold.

Sergey Pustylnik, Director of Logistics at Avito, commented:

 “Over 60 million users interact via our platform every month. Incorporating automated parcel lockers into our partner network expands opportunities offered by intracity and intercity Avito Delivery by bringing drop-off and pickup points even closer to our customers. Now, when customers go to buy groceries at their nearest Pyaterochka or Perekrestok store, they can also pick up their order from Avito directly at the store. Importantly, store opening hours are more convenient than those of pickup points – customers can even find outlets that are open 24/7.”

Avito users can see all available 5Post automated parcel lockers and pickup points when placing their order and can choose the most convenient facility. At the outset, only merchandise worth up to RUB 15 thousand will be available for delivery via automated parcel lockers, with the maximum order value to be increased later to RUB 150 thousand. The maximum weight of the parcel should not exceed 15 kg. When ordering delivery via an automated parcel locker, the customer can use the cart option to combine multiple items from the same seller into a single parcel.

As a rule, delivery times depend on the distance between the customer and seller. Last year’s delivery speed via 5Post averaged three days, or almost twice as fast as the Russian market average. Orders will be stored at the pickup point for seven days, with the option to extend the storage time for an additional week. In case of issues with collecting or sending a parcel, employees of the Pyaterochka and Perekrestok retail chains will always be ready to help.

Vitaly Dyrdasov, Managing Director at 5Post: 

“The operations teams of the Pyaterochka and Perekrestok retail chains have greatly contributed to the development of the new service and related processes. Through a joint effort with our partners, we have created a service that is really demanded in the market, and by signing up a new partner, Avito Delivery, we made a significant step to support our strategy for providing convenient, fast, and safe logistics services to a wide range of consumers and partners. We are happy that through our partnership we will provide many sellers and buyers with an opportunity to send and receive parcels at a convenient time and place.”

Avito users can choose 5Post automated parcel lockers or pickup points among other delivery options when ordering from private sellers marked with the “Documents Verified” or “Account Verified through the Public Services Portal” icon. The “Documents Verified” icon is given to accounts after the owner’s passport, driver’s licence, or Tinkoff ID has passed verification. The “Account Verified through the Public Services Portal” icon is given to accounts verified through the personal account on the Public Services Portal.

The procedure for collecting orders from automated parcel lockers will differ from existing pickup point or courier service options in that customers cannot refuse orders immediately upon delivery. If the delivered item is damaged, the customer should write to the Avito support team, who will sort out the situation and help to arrange a refund.

Launched in March 2018, the Avito Delivery service significantly expanded Avito users’ options to buy and sell goods while ensuring transaction security for both parties: after the buyer selects and pays for an item on the website, their payment is securely transferred into a partner bank account. The money is subsequently transferred to the seller’s account only after the buyer accepts the merchandise.

[1] January 2023 on January 2021.