27 March 2020

5Post to deliver books from to 8,000 Pyaterochka stores

Moscow, 27 March 2020 – X5 Retail Group N.V. (‘X5’ or the ‘Company’), a leading Russian food retailer (LSE and MOEX ticker: “FIVE”), announces that 5Post has launched deliveries from the Labirint online bookstore. 5Post is a subsidiary of X5 that offers parcel delivery services, and will now be shipping books and other merchandise from Labirint to 8,000 Pyaterochka stores across Russia.​

The new service is already up and running, with parcels available for pick-up at checkout counters. The bookstore accepts orders for any amount, with delivery dates and fees depending on the weight and destination. 5Post uses its own logistic solution, including 12 sorting centres, to transport merchandise.

Yulia Kulakova, head of marketing at, said: “First and foremost, we seek to promote reading and good books, to unite people who, like us, share a passion for knowledge and fantastic stories. This is why we want to be closer to our customers and offer every convenience. Together with our partner 5Post we have made yet another big step closer to book lovers from all over Russia.”

Vitaly Dyrdasov, Managing Director at 5Post, said: “Today, e-commerce is gaining ground, and we need to ensure fast, convenient and cost-effective delivery of online orders. We are happy to announce the start of collaboration between 5Post and Labirint, which is Russia’s largest online bookstore. This partnership will enable thousands of people to pick up books, games and stationery ordered from Labirint at a nearby Pyaterochka store.”

To mark the event, 5Post and Labirint are launching a promo starting from 6 April, which will give Pyaterochka Helping Card holders 500 points for their first order from the bookstore.

5Post has already teamed up with some of the biggest online marketplaces, such as and AliExpress, and intends to expand its list of partners, including with more online bookstores.​