23 June 2020

5Post expands delivery network to 9500 locations

Moscow, 23June 2020 – 5Post, an Х5 Retail Group subsidiary created to develop new parcel delivery services, announces the expansion of the geography of its Pyaterochka store delivery services. In June, two distribution centres were added to the logistics network, helping to bring the total number of pick-up locations to 9,500.

The new round of expansion will see more than 100 new cities and towns covered by the 5Post delivery service in June, including Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk, Troitsk, Samara, Togliatti and others. Customers can now collect orders and parcels at 9,500 parcel lockers and pick-up points in 65 Russian regions. In June, 5Post started working with distribution centres in Chelyabinsk and Samara, with the total number of warehouses increased to 14.

Over the past few months, the list of 5Post partners has grown to include Joom, MyShop, Oriflame, M.Video-Eldorado Group, DNS, Eksmo, Prosvescheniye, Chitai-Gorod, and Labirint. A new accelerated procedure was rolled out to connect new online stores in just one day, providing small and medium-sized businesses with access to 5Post’s extensive logistics infrastructure. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused certain changes in consumer patterns: while there has been an apparent rise in demand for courier delivery as people prefer to stay home, the option to pick up online orders from the nearest store saw no decline in popularity. As a result, 5Post became the only delivery company to keep all its pick-up points open throughout the lockdown. 

"We are expanding the delivery coverage of 5Post in line with our strategy to meet customer demand and make the service available at every X5 store. This year we plan to continue adding new distribution centres and more pick-up locations to improve the customer experience and the availability of 5Post. This involves building new digital capabilities to track orders, automating and optimising the delivery process, and further developing our proprietary IT system to support growth and efficiency improvements. Another focus area will be expanding our list of partners," said Vitaly Dyrdasov, 5Post Managing Director.

5Post is a delivery service for non-food online stores that relies on the X5 logistics infrastructure and stores. The target audience is people looking for a convenient shopping experience and access to additional services within the store. 5Post benefits from shared logistics with X5 and existing routes and schedules of the Company’s own fleet. This model helps reduce vehicle emissions and use resources in a more sustainable and efficient way.

As part of its agreement with partners, 5Post delivers orders from distribution centres to pick-up locations, enables collection from parcel lockers and at checkout counters in Pyaterochka stores, notifies the customer via text messages and email, keeps the parcel in the locker for seven days, accepts orders from the warehouse of the online store, and provides insurance coverage for the parcels. In July, new partners connecting to 5Post will enjoy a 30% discount on rates for a period of three months.​