20 July 2020

5Post creates its own network of pick-up points

Moscow, 20July 2020 – 5Post, an Х5 Retail Group subsidiary created to develop new parcel delivery services, has announced the launch of its own parcel pick-up points. The service will offer customers a number of additional benefits, including try-before-buy experience, partial returns, check-on-delivery, a simplified returns procedure and delivery of non-standard size and extra-large products. The pick-up points will be installed at Pyaterochka stores.

The project has already opened five pilot pick-up points in Moscow and the Moscow region, with 45 more pilot points slated for opening in St Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg and other cities with populations over one million by the end of the year. These shop-in-shop pick-up points are located inside stores and consist of a customer service area and a warehouse zone. During the first stage, 5Post’s pick-up points will only offer orders placed through OZON.

5Post’s multi-service model, encompassing all key parcel pick-up formats, will help meet basic customer requirements, offer a greater array of tools for partners and facilitate access to new market segments. This model will be key to expanding the range of pick-up services provided at Pyaterochka stores and improving the quality of dealing with rapidly growing traffic. The pick-up points will also contribute to a greater throughput for order collection at checkout counters and parcel lockers in Pyaterochka stores.

“The Click & Collect segment is leading the charge in continued global online delivery market growth. Customers appreciate this service because the parcel can be picked up at a convenient time and there is no need to wait for a courier, as well as the low cost of the service and the proximity format. This has fuelled a rapid expansion of pick-up points and lockers and sparked increased customer interest. The enhancement of 5Post’s existing infrastructure with a new network of pick-up points will help 5Post make its services more attractive and increase the volume and range of products available for sale. This is fully in line with our strategy of catering to the needs of consumers and making them discover new aspects of last mile services,” said Vitaly Dyrdasov, managing director at 5Post. 

5Post is a delivery service for non-food online stores that leverages X5’s network of stores and its logistics infrastructure. It is geared towards people looking for a convenient shopping experience and additional in-store services. 5Post benefits from shared logistics with X5, including the use of existing routes and schedules of the Company’s corporate fleet. This model helps reduce overall emissions and to use resources in a more sustainable and efficient way.

5Post teams up with some of the biggest online marketplaces, such as, AliExpress, Ozon, Joom, etc., and intends to further expand its list of partners, including online bookstores and gift shops. 5Post uses its own logistics solution involving 14 sorting centres to transport merchandise.