2 July 2021

5Post and PickPoint to consolidate logistics infrastructure

Moscow, 2 July 2021 – 5Post, an Х5 Group subsidiary created to develop new parcel delivery services, and PickPoint, a logistics operator, have signed a long-term cooperation agreement that sets out to consolidate the companies’ logistics infrastructure and develop seamless and integrated first and last mile delivery processes.

The partnership between 5Post and PickPoint will establish a reliable delivery platform to the e-commerce market with an extensive self pick-up network and the best delivery conditions in terms of pricing and locations. B2B clients will get access to a consolidated network of 25,000 pick-up points regardless of which of the two companies is their partner. Delivery times to pick-up locations will be reduced by optimising internal processes, and the companies’ new clients will be able to start using delivery services straight away, at uniform rates and service conditions.

Customers will enjoy access to a wide range of Russian and international online stores that will be regularly expanded, as well as a greater number of locations allowing them to pick up orders even closer to home, at the most convenient time.

"Today, we are announcing a project that is of great significance to the Russian market – the consolidation of two leading delivery networks. The integration of our first and last mile delivery operations alongside our expanded geography will ensure more of our clients have access to the same service conditions and quick connection, while ensuring consumers can get the goods they need from our thousands of Russian and international partners. This is just one example of how our cooperation will create additional value not only for our partners but also for the entire e-commerce market, which is undoubtedly growing," commented Vitaly Dyrdasov, Managing Director of 5Post.

"PickPoint and 5Post’s partnership is based on the principle of integration of two logistics providers. PickPoint and 5Post will fully consolidate their logistics infrastructure and integrate their first and last mile delivery processes to leverage each partner’s individual strengths. As a result, we will be able to expand our network of parcel lockers and pick-up points for our retail partners as quickly as possible to meet growing demand for these delivery options," said Nadezhda Romanova, CEO of PickPoint.

5Post is an X5 Group subsidiary that delivers goods from online stores and marketplaces to parcel lockers and Pyaterochka checkout counters. 5Post partners with large international and Russian e-commerce players, including AliExpress, iHerb, Joom, SberMegaMarket, Book24, and many others. Currently, the company delivers orders to over 13,500 pick-up points across 65 regions nationwide. The vast delivery network is supported by 24 sorting centres.​