2 February 2021

5Post and partners delivered 20 million orders in 2020

​​Moscow, 1 February 2021 – 5Post, an Х5 Retail Group subsidiary created to develop new parcel delivery services, achieved significant growth in 2020, delivered a total of seven million orders, an 18-fold increase y-o-y. With daily orders peaking at 55,000, 5Post and its partners delivered a total of 20 million parcels for pick-up at X5 stores in 2020.

In December, when delivery volumes traditionally peak, 5Post fulfilled 1.4 million orders, with that number reaching 2.4 million when partner deliveries are included. In 2020, 5Post managed to significantly increase the speed of service, reducing delivery times to 2.8 days on average across all regions where it operates. At the same time, the average order purchase rate rose to 98.1%.

In 2020, 5Post successfully implemented a programme to expand its network of parcel lockers, which has grown to include 4,500 lockers. At the beginning of 2020, pick-up points and parcel lockers numbered 7,400, by the year-end there were 11,740 5Post pick-up points in 2,415 cities and towns. With eight new sorting centres opened in 2020, 5Post now owns 20 such facilities located at Pyaterochka distribution centres.

5Post’s footprint across Russia helped its e-commerce partners to deliver orders even to the most remote areas of the country – about 20% of all orders in 2020 were shipped to localities of less than 50,000 people. Major metropolitan areas came out on top in terms of traffic. Moscow and the Moscow region together with St Petersburg and the Leningrad region accounted for the bulk of all deliveries: 38% and 14% respectively.

In 2020, 5Post developed and approved a pick-up point concept, which helped support a multi-service delivery model for its partners and clients. In Q4 2020, 5Post opened 40 pick-up points staffed by its own personnel, with about 100,000 parcels received at these facilities in 2020.

"2020 was a year of robust growth and development for 5Post. While we had some very ambitious goals, we were able to deliver on them despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the year, 5Post sought to support its partners and clients by providing the highest quality of service, infrastructure availability, and security. To make things even more convenient for our clients, we started accepting payments for order at all our pick-up points. In early 2021, we are planning to roll-out new technologies for our users and start delivering multi-parcel orders. This year, we will place a major emphasis on improving our service quality and will continue actively expanding our footprint and launching new products," said Vitaly Dyrdasov, Managing Director at 5Post.

5Post teams up with some of the biggest online marketplaces, such as AliExpress, Wildberries, Yandex Market, IHerb, Joom, etc. and intends to extend the list of e-commerce partners. Today, it works with over 90 major Russian and international companies.