​​​​​​​Direct import

X5 Group places strategic focus on developing direct imports of goods not produced in Russian Federation locally and of seasonal products, including fruits and vegetables (F&V). In order to provide our customers unique and affordable goods that comply with every quality standard, X5 is actively increasing direct imports from other countries.

To ensure maximum efficiency, the Company has established a dedicated direct imports function – X5 Import (JCS RVI). X5 Import has already partnered with suppliers from Ecuador, Turkey, Serbia, Belarus, Israel, China, Egypt and other countries in orderto provide X5 retail chains with a stable flow of imported goods. X5 Import operates its own warehouse infrastructure and three multi-temperature F&V distribution centres in Moscow, St Petersburg and Novorossiysk with a floor area of up to 18,000 sq m, as well as a dry storage facility for grocery and non-food products.

In procuring fruits and vegetables, X5 Import targets agricultural partnerships, wherein partners grow produce specifically for X5 in accordance with the Group's quality requirements, volume needs and timelines. This gives X5 customers the freshest possible F&V offering that excels in every aspect.


In addition to direct and long-term cooperation with a major Russian retailer, agricultural partnerships between suppliers and X5 Import offer producers unique supply terms (for example, quality checks upon acceptance in the country of origin and favourable payment terms).

When expanding the pool of reliable suppliers, X5 Import prioritises opportunities for direct interaction with manufacturers. Dear supplier, all commercial offers are handled via the Supplier Portal​. 

Quality passports and documents for partnerships are available on page​ Procurement of Fruits and Vegetables (in Russian only).​​

RVI JCS quality passports are also available in English.​​


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