Dividend policy​

The Supervisory Board of X5 Retail Group approved a dividend policy for the company in 2017, establishing a set of principles for the allocation of net profit among X5’s shareholders.

The key principles of the dividend policy are as follows*:

1) The dividend policy sets a target payout ratio of at least 25% of X5 Retail Group’s consolidated IFRS net profit, provided that the Company’s financial position allows for it. 

2) When considering a dividend proposal to the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Supervisory Board will be guided by a target consolidated net debt/EBITDA ratio of below 2.0x, in line with the Company’s financing strategy.

The ultimate decision on payment of dividends will always be subject to approval of the General Meeting of Shareholders. 

*Under IAS 17

​Dividend history​

Year Record date Ex-dividend date Payment date Amount Dividend per GDR
2018 25.05.2018 24.05.2018 before 22.06.2018 RUB 21,590 mln ​RUB 79.5
2019 24.05.2019 23.05.2019 before 22.06.2019 RUB 25,000 mln ​RUB  92.06

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