• Perekrestok is founded by Alfa Group.
  • The first Perekrestok store opens in Moscow.


  • Perekrestok is the first Russian company to become a member of the Food Business Forum, an international association of food product manufacturers and the world's largest retail chains.


  • X5 opens new stores in Teply Stan, Otradnoye, Severnoye Butovo and Zhulebino districts of Moscow. Perekrestok's product mix quadrupled to hit 10,000 SKUs, daily customer traffic is at least 27,000 people.


  • ​​Perekrestok store count reaches 20 stores.
  • Perekrestok is the first Russian retailer to open its own distribution centre.


  • ​​Pyaterochka retail chain is founded.
  • Pyaterochka opens the first store in St Petersburg.


  • Pyaterochka opens an in-house professional training and development centre.
  • Pyaterochka store count in St. Petersburg reaches 17 in January 2000.


  • Pyaterochka ranked first in the Best Chain (Northwest) category of Top 200 Russian Retail.


  • ​Pyaterochka enters the Moscow market.
  • Pyaterochka kicks off construction of an office and logistics centre of around 30,000 sq m (the largest in the North-West of Russia), which helped the retailer to cut logistics expenses by over 30% and reduce used space twofold.


  • Pyaterochka ranked first in the Best Convenience Store Chain (Northwest) category of Top 200 Russian Retail.
  • Pyaterochka was awarded an honorary commendation by the Professional Personnel League of Russia for Achievements in Human Resources.


  • ​Perekrestok opens its first hypermarket.
  • Perekrestok starts expansion into Russia's regions.
  • Pyaterochka starts developing its franchise network.
  • First private labels are introduced.


  • Pyaterochka ranked first in the Best Food Retail Chain category of Top 200 Russian Retail.


  • Perekrestok won an EFFIE Brand of the Year award.
  • Perekrestok won a Golden Chains award.


  • ​​Templeton Investments acquires a 7.7% stake in Perekrestok.
  • Perekrestok store count reaches 75 stores.
  • Perekrestok acquires the SPAR retail chain.
  • Pyaterochka opens the largest distribution centre in the North-West of Russia.


  • Pyaterochka ranked first in the Rapid Development category of Top 200 Russian Retail.
  • Pyaterochka was awarded an honorary badge for Humanising Schools.
  • Pyaterochka won the Best Enterprises of Russia competition.


  • Perekrestok received Company of the Year awards in the Mass Consumer Services and Corporate Management categories.


  • ​Perekrestok acquires the 365 retail chain in Yaroslavl.
  • Pyaterochka enters Ukraine's and Kazakhstan's markets.
  • Perekrestok and Pyaterochka store counts reach 90 and 100 stores in Moscow and St Petersburg, respectively.


  • Pyaterochka ranked first in the Largest Discount Store Chains category of Top 200 Russian Retail.
  • Pyaterochka's performance in 2004 put it eighth among the most promising companies worldwide according to the Retail World international magazine.
  • Pyaterochka was awarded commendation for Investing in the Development of Retail Chains in St Petersburg (by the City Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Politics and Trade).


  • Perekrestok won a Darin national award in the Russian Brand category.


  • ​Pyaterochka completes an IPO on the London Stock Exchange.
  • Pyaterochka acquires Kopeyka's 18 stores in St Petersburg and 25 stores in Moscow.
  • Perekrestok takes over the Dalport supermarket chain in St Petersburg and Krasnodar, while its acquisition of four SPAR stores in Kiev (Ukraine) paves the way to the Ukrainian market.


  • Perekrestok received a reputable Company of the Year award.
  • Perekrestok became an awardee of Russian National Olympus.
  • Perekrestok received a Russian Trade Olympus award as the Best National Retail Chain.
  • Perekrestok won a Golden Chains award.


  • ​Perekrestok merges with Pyaterochka.
  • The combined company changes its name to X5 Retail Group N.V.
  • The total store count exceeds 600.​​


  • Pyaterochka ranked first in the Largest Discount Store Chains category of the Top 200 Russian Retail nationwide rating reviewed annually.
  • Pyaterochka ranked first in the Bashkortostan's Largest Discount Store Chains category of Top 200 Russian Retail.
  • Pyaterochka was named the winner in the Annual Sales Volume Doubled – Volgograd-Samara category of Top 200 Russian Retail.
  • Pyaterochka won a Golden Meter award for the Largest-Scale Merchandising Arrangement in Russia.


  • Perekrestok won a Best Retail award for the Best Project in the Supermarket Format.


  • ​X5 places a RUB 34 bn bond issue.
  • The first Pyaterochka store opens in the Nizhny Novgorod Region.
  • X5 acquires Korzinka, a Lipetsk retail chain, as well as the Strana Gerkulesiya chain operating in the Moscow and Tver Regions.
  • X5 enters the Urals market.
  • X5 wins the Retail Grand Prix Award.
  • X5's total store count exceeds 800.
  • X5 Retail Group headed the Top 200 Russia Retail rating as the Largest Food Retailer.
  • X5 Retail Group won a B2BPG Retail Grand Prix in the Social Responsibility category. The award was granted at Retail Director-2007, Russia's largest retail summit.
  • X5's executives were named among the Most Professional Managers in Russia in the Retail category.


  • ​X5 acquires the Karusel hypermarket chain (23 operating stores and 3 stores under construction).
  • X5 enters the markets of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Rostov-on-Don, the Perm Territory, and of the Ivanovo, Kostroma, Saratov and Rostov Regions.
  • X5 and the A5 pharmacy chain enter into a partnership agreement.
  • X5 wins the Retail Company of the Year award and is ranked first in the Best Retail Chain 2007 rating.
  • X5's total store count exceeds 1.1 thousand.​
  • X5 Retail Group ranked first in the Best Retail Chain 2007 rating as a Sales Leader in the National Food Retail Leaders category.
  • X5 Retail Group won an annual national IT-Leader award in the Retail category.
  • X5 Retail Group won a B2BPG Retail Grand Prix in the Retailer of the Year category and was also an award winner in the Social Responsibility category at Retail Director-2008, Russia's largest retail summit.
  • X5 Retail Group headed the Top 100 in Russian Retail 2007 as the Best FMCG Retailer. The award ceremony was held at Russian Retail, the XI Summit of Retail Owners.
  • X5 Retail Group was named the Company of the Year in Retail by Company, a busine​ss weekly published by Rodionov Publishing House.
  • X5 Retail Group received the Grand Prix for Best Overall Investor Relations (small and mid cap) at 2008 IR Magazine Russia & CIS Awards Ceremony. X5 Retail Group also ranked first in the Most Progress in IR category.
  • For a second year running, X5's legal team won Russia's Best Legal Department Awards established by the Legal Insight magazine.
  • X5 Retail Group won a Golden Page award by Komsomolskaya Pravda as the Best Advertiser.


  • The third annual rating conducted by Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux AG and BusinessWeek Russia listed Pyaterochka among Top 10 most valuable Russian brands for a third year running.


  • ​​X5 acquires the Paterson supermarket chain.
  • X5 opens Karusel hypermarkets in Moscow.
  • The first Perekrestok supermarket opens in Tumen.
  • X5 opens Green Perekrestok, its first premium-class supermarket.
  • X5 is awarded the Company of the Year 2009 title in the Retail Chain category.
  • Pyaterochka is named Russia's Number One Brand in the Retail Chain category.
  • X5 opens its first non-food countrywide distribution centre in the Moscow Region.
  • X5's total store count exceeds 1.3 thousand.
  • X5 was named the Company of the Year and was also an award winner in the Marketing Company of the Year category (Premier Price Markup).​ The award was established by BBCG.
  • X5's Northwest branch was named the Best Taxpayer 2008 in a rating conducted by the St Petersburg Government.
  • X5's South branch won the Social Dimension 2009 regional contest in Rostov as the Most Socially Responsible Company of the Year.


  • Pyaterochka was named the Most Environmentally Friendly Brand in an independent research by the Reader’s Digest Publishing House.


  • ​​X5 acquires the Kopeyka discounter chain.
  • X5 successfully acquires the Ostrov retail chain.
  • The first Pyaterochka store opens in the Tambov Region.
  • Pyaterochka opens its 1,000th store in Russia.
  • X5's total store count exceeds 2.4 thousand.
  • X5 Retail Group won the Best Company for Working Mothers competition in the Innovations category.
  • Pyaterochka received a Russian Brand No. 1 award established by RBC Group in the Retail Chain category.
  • X5 Retail Group won a Consumer Rights 2010 Annual Award in the Private Label category, its quality control system for private label goods recognised as the best.
  • X5 Retail Group won awards of the 9th Annual Russian Retail Forum organised by the Adam Smith Institute in three categories: Retailer of the Year, Advertising Campaign of the Year and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Lev Khasis, X5 Retail Group CEO, was awarded the Grand Prix of the international Person of the Year 2009 award established by RBC Group, and the Glory of the Motherland decoration.
  • X5 won a Best Retail TOP award as the Fastest Growing FMCG Hypermarket Retailer of 2009 and in the FMCG M&As category.
  • X5 Retail Group was named the Company of the Year 2009, an award established by RBC Group, in the Retail Chain category.


  • ​X5 enters the markets of the Bryansk, Ivanovo and Smolensk Regions, as well as of the Republic of Karelia.
  • X5 acquires a 8.45% stake in the A5 pharmacy chain.
  • The first Perekrestok store opens in the Kaluga Region.
  • The first Karusel hypermarket comes on-stream in the Orenburg Region.
  • X5's total store count exceeds 3 thousand.
  • X5 Retail Group was named the Best Retail Chain 2010 in Infoline Retail Russia Top 100.
  • X5 Retail Group received a Deal of the Year award at the Retail Business Russia 2011 Summit for its acquisition of the Kopeyka retail chain.
  • X5 Retail Group won SAP Quality Awards 2011 in the New Business Application Implementation category.
  • X5 Retail Group received the Time of Innovations – 2011 award in the Best Innovation Project category for its Store of the Future project.


  • ​Pyaterochka opens its first stores in the Kirov and Vologda Regions, as well as in the Republic of Bashkortostan.
  • Perekrestok launches its first stores in the Perm Territory, Surgut and Astrakhan.
  • X5 opens Karusel hypermarkets in Tambov and Smolensk.
  • X5 launches the E5.RU online store.
  • X5 launches its Store of the Future project in partnership with RUSNANO and RTI Systems.
  • X5's total store count exceeds 3.8 thousand.
  • Pyaterochka won the Golden Brand national franchising prize as the Franchiser of the Year, being the fastest-growing brand in the business.
  • X5 Retail Group was listed as a Corporate Charity Leader in the 5th Corporate Charity Leaders annual research for 2012, where Crossroads of Life, a project run by X5 in 2011–2012, deserved a special notice.
  • Е5.RU won the Golden Website all-Russia open contest in the Innovation, Services and Technologies category.
  • E5.RU, designed and launched by X5 Retail Group, won the reputable Online Retail Awards 2012 as the Most Prominent Project of the Year. The award ceremony was held at the IV E-tailing and Multi-Channel Retailing Forum (Online Retail Business Russia) organised by BBCG.


  • ​The Karusel hypermarket chain enters the markets of the Mari El Republic and Tula Region.
  • The first Perekrestok store opens in the Tula Region.
  • X5 enters into a partnership agreement with the Tumen Region.
  • X5 is rated first in Greenpeace's Green Supermarket ranking.
  • X5's total store count exceeds 4.5 thousand.
  • ​Stephan DuCharme, X5 Retail Group CEO, was ranked among TOP 1,000 Russian Corporate Executives by the Kommersant Publishing House.
  • Pyaterochka won a Golden Hermes award as the Best St Petersburg Store.
  • Х5 Retail Group won an annual Business Transparency award in the Food Retail category.


  • ​X5 acquires a 100% stake in Agrotorg-Samara.
  • X5 enters into partnership agreements with the governments of the Chelyabinsk and Leningrad Regions, as well as of the Republic of Tatarstan.
  • Pyaterochka enters the markets of the Volgograd Region and Sochi.
  • Voentorg and X5 open the first Voentorg-Pyaterochka co-branded stores.
  • Perekrestok wins the Customer Focus Award.
  • X5's total store count exceeds 5.4 thousand.
  • Perekrestok was named the winner of the annual Customer Focus award in Retail.
  • Pyaterochka won a Basis for Growth award in the Franchising category, receiving the prize for strong SME support.
  • X5 Retail Group ranked first at the national Loyalty Award 2014 for the Best Food Retailer Loyalty Programme with its Perekrestok Club.
  • X5 Retail Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Live Classics International Awards Foundation (promoting reading among children) and took part in its award ceremony.
  • Stephan DuCharme, X5 Retail Group CEO, was ranked among TOP 1,000 Russian Corporate Executives by the Kommersant Publishing House.
  • Х5 Retail Group was announced the winner of the main award in Retail at the international Best Legal Department Awards.
  • Perekrestok received a Customer Focus award for proactive management and development of customer loyalty and customer service programmes in retail.
  • Pyaterochka was named the winner of a reputable Healthy Eating award for Promoting Healthy Foods in Retail.
  • Pyaterochka ranked second in the Top 100 Franchises of Russia – 2014, a ranking compiled by the BeBoss.ru business portal.


  • ​​X5's total store count exceeds 6,000.
  • X5 acquires 27 stores owned by the Nash and Gurman retail chains in the Republics of Mari El and Chuvashia.
  • X5 takes over 100 stores owned by the SoseDDushka retail chain in Orenburg and the Orenburg Region.
  • X5 acquires 104 stores owned by the Rosinka Group in the Orel, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Kursk and Tambov Regions.
  • X5 acquires a 100% stake in SPAR Retail.
  • Moody’s upgrades X5's credit rating to "Ba3".
  • X5 launches a pilot project to support families in need through the food banking technology.


  • Perekrestok's new​ website (http://www.perekrestok.ru) has been named Best B2C Website at the Russian Golden Website Awards 2015.
  • The CEO of X5 Retail Group was ranked among Top 1,000 Russian Corporate Executives by the Kommersant Publishing House.​​
  • Turboliada, a sport game played at all Pyaterochka's divisions throughout two summer months was given a Golden Puzzle award as the best sporting event nation-wide.
  • Х5 Retail Group's Karusel and Pyaterochka were awarded prizes at the XI Golden Hermes annual contest held by the St Petersburg Government. The Karusel hypermarket on Bolshevikov Avenue ranked second in the Social Responsibility and Charity category, while Pyaterochka store No. 323 ranked third.
  • X5 Retail Group supported the Russian part of an international student start-up competition by Enactus, one of the largest globally. The award ceremony of the 17th Enactus Russia National Competition was held in Moscow on 27–28 May 2015. All in all, 122 teams representing 40 Russian cities took part in the competition.
  • Kindness Candy, a national charity project run jointly by X5 Retail Group and the Life Line Fund, was ranked among Top 30 social projects in Russia by the Best Social Projects in Russia, an annual national initiative.​​


  • Total store count exceeds 9,000. A new Pyaterochka in Sochi becomes the Group's's landmark 9,000th store.
  • X5 opens three distribution centres (DCs), including a major logistics facility, in the Moscow region and two DCs in southern Russia (the Republic of Adygeya).
  • Pyaterochka expands into the Siberian Federal District.
  • The Group rolls out GoCargo, an online service for private cargo carriers.
  • A nationwide project is launched to issue co-branded Mastercard-Perekrestok-Alfa-Bank cards.
  • X5 signs an agreement with SIA International Ltd., one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors and owner of the A-MEGA and DA ZDOROV pharmacy brands.

  • Pyaterochka CEO Olga Naumova receives an RBC award for Manager of the Year.
  • X5 is recognised by IR Magazine Russia & CIS Awards 2016 for best investor relations among Russian retailers.
  • Pyaterochka wins the Special Achievement in GIS Award.


  • Total number of X5 stores exceeds 12,000. This year the landmark stores were a Perekrestok in Moscow (10,000), a Perekrestok in Moscow region (11,000), and a Pyaterochka in the Arkhangelsk region (12,000).
  • X5 launches its online Perekrestok.ru supermarket.
  • X5 opens new distribution centres in Orel, Orenburg, Perm, ​Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Moscow Region. 
  • X5 launched a strategic retail partnership programme with the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) and Skolkovo Foundation to test early-stage innovative projects.
  • X5 signs an agreement with Marathon Group and Acmero to set up Passenger Service Centres at bus and railway stations, as well as airports.
  • A new COOP-Pyaterochka chain is launched using the facilities of Centrosouyz.
  • X5 provides targeted social assistance using electronic certificates in the Ulyanovsk region.
  • Pyaterochka retail chain develops its loyalty program Helping Card (Vyruchai-Karta).
  • Co-branded Mastercard-Perekrestok-Alfa-Bank cards and Visa-Pyaterochka-Post Bank are issued.
  • X5 participates in the development of a new KAMAZ lorry that has been specially adapted for retail businesses.
  • Karusel retail chain tests elements of its new concept, including a new logo.
  • X5 opened a new representative office in Hong-Kong to boost direct imports.

  • X5 Retail Group CEO Igor Shekhterman received Manager of the Year Award from the RBC daily business newspaper.
  • The online service GoCargo wins the Prometheus 2016 award in the Transportation and Shipping category.
  • X5 is recognised by Russian Retail Week Awards as the most transparent retailer, with Pyaterochka names the Leader of the Year in the Food segment.
  • The Perekrestok-Alfa-Bank card wins the Banking Loyalty Award 2017 and Loyalty Awards Russia 2017.
  • X5 receives two WOW!HR prizes for the contest League of Professional Drivers and project Job Prestige.
  • Perekrestok wins Private Label Awards for its Perekrestok Market brand in the nomination for Best Private Label in the Middle Price Segment, with Karusel and its Year Round brand getting a prize in the nomination for the Best Private Label in the Economy Segment.
  • X5 received the Best Annual Report in Retail Sector awards from Moscow Exchange.


  • The total store count exceeds 14,000. In 2018, the landmark stores were Pyaterochka in Vladikavkaz (13,000th), Perekrestok dark store in St Petersburg (13,500th) and Karusel in the Kaluga region (14,000th).
  • Distribution centres open in Ufa, Petrozavodsk, Yaroslavl and Saratov. 
  • Pyaterochka expands into the Tomsk region and the Republic of Altai.
  • Perekrestok enters the Smolensk, Astrakhan, Novgorod, Kirov and Vologda regions along with the Republic of Karelia and the Udmurtian Republic, while Perekrestok Online launches operations in St Petersburg.  
  • The Moscow region's Sergiyev Posad welcomes the first Karusel, which opened under the format's new concept.  
  • X5 creates a lab store.
  • X5 and its partners start to build a network of parcel lockers.
  • X5's Global Depositary Receipts start trading on the Moscow Exchange.
  • The Basket of Kindness charity project emerges in a new format, with city-wide food marathons replacing one-off donations in separate stores. The marathons are held in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Samara, together with an online marathon in Nizhny Novgorod.
  • X5 purchases 99 Polushka stores in Bashkortostan.
  • Х5 launches Category Management Academy.
  • X5 signs the biggest ever domestic apple supply contract and agrees with Sad-Gigant to breed new fruit varieties.  
  • X5 and the Republic of Tatarstan reach an agreement for cooperation in setting up an IT Competency Centre in Innopolis.  ​

  • ​X5 comes first in RBC's Top 50 Russian Fastest Growing Companies by revenue and net income, and ranks among IGD's Top 10 Most Profitable European Retailers. ​
  • Pyaterochka receives Retailer of the Year award in Best Russian Chain Store 2018–2019 category. Online Market Intelligence also named it the food retail brand of choice among Russians.
  • Retail Week Awards in the Biggest Chain category for segment leadership by revenue, growth rates, organic development performance and LFL sales growth in 2017 (according to InfoLine).
  • Loyalty Awards Russia in the Best Loyalty Programme category for the Pyaterochka card launched in partnership with Pochta Bank. Over a million cards issued in 2018.
  • Tagline Awards 2018 prize for the best retail app (My Perekrestok).
  • Prometheus 2018, a Russian Internet award, for корзинадоброты.рф in Community Service category.
  • Best Shared Services Centre 2018 award in the Robotic Automation category.
  • Event of the Year award in the HR Event of the Year category for the League of Professional Drivers 2017 contest.
  • Pyaterochka wins three top positions in LogisticSkills, a nationwide championship, in the Supply Chain Management category. 
  • Special award by Truck and Road 2018 for the first logistics training programme, organised in cooperation with METRO and Coca-Cola. 
  • Pyaterochka wins 14 awards in Quality Guarantee 2018 competition for Charlize, Fish House, and Global Village private labels. Global Village cranberry drink receives the Russian Seal of Excellence.
  • Private Label Awards in the Best Private Label of Food Products category for Perekrestok's New Ocean.
  • Russia M&A Awards names X5 team of the year in the Russian M&A market.


  • X5's total store count exceeds 16,000.
  • X5 Retail Group opens distribution centres in Novosibirsk, Veliky Novgorod, and Zelenodolsk near Kazan.
  • Pyaterochka presents new concept.
  • Pyaterochka enters the Krasnoyarsk Territory and Khakassia.
  • Pyaterochka and Liza Alert, a search and rescue volunteer organisation, launch a joint project to search for missing people. 
  • Pyaterochka sends unsold food for use as animal feed.
  • Perekrestok enters the Bryansk and Pskov regions.
  • Perekrestok opens its first smart kitchen.
  • Perekrestok introduces experimental large-format supermarkets in St Petersburg, Stary Oskol, and Moscow.
  • Perekrestok.ru opens its third and largest dark store.
  • Click & Collect services started in Karusel hypermarkets in Moscow and St Petersburg.
  • Х5 opens its second lab store for technology testing.
  • X5 installs first self-checkout units in its stores.
  • Number of parcel lockers in stores exceeds 2,000.
  • X5 leases 85 stores previously operated under the Telezhka, Tverskoy Kupets and Volny Kupets brands.
  • X5 and Foodbankrus hold Basket of Kindness citywide food drives in Moscow (twice), Rostov-on-Don, and Novosibirsk. Additional food drive held online at campaign's website корзинадоброты.рф.
  • Х5 Retail Group equips 20 stores with reverse vending machines to collect used plastics for recycling.
  • Х5 approves long-term sustainable development strategy.
  • X5 holds exhibition to showcase Contemporary Art of Retail.​

  • X5 named largest retailer by RIA Rating and receives Best in Russia Award as Retailer of the Year for second time in a row.
  • X5 recognised by Retail Week Awards as Biggest Chain for its market leadership and as most transparent company in food segment. Karusel wins best practice award in Wine category.
  • X5 senior executives named among Russia's Top 1,000 Managers by Kommersant daily, with Igor Shekhterman, Ekaterina Lobacheva, and Tatiana Krasnoperova earning No. 1 spots as CEO, Director for Legal Affairs, and HR Director in Retail, respectively.
  • Extel/Institutional Investor ranks X5 as Russia's most valuable retailer for investors. X5 tops Best CEO, Best CFO, Best Investor Relations Program, and Best IR Professional lists on Emerging EMEA Executive Team 2019 rankings.
  • HeadHunter names X5 best employer in food retail, the Company receives WOW!HR award in Digital Solutions category for the best New Year's project for employees. Pyaterochka wins in the Team Energy category and takes bronze in the Point of Growth category at InterComm 2019.
  • Pyaterochka recognised as digital leader in terms of procurement at Competitive Procurement Leader Award 2019.
  • Pyaterochka wins 25 awards in Quality Guarantee 2019 competition for Charlize, Zernitsa, Fish House, LIEBENDORF, Global Village and Krasnaya Tsena private labels, while Verkhovye, X5's exclusive label, is featured on Forbes' best new brands list.
  • Pyaterochka and Perekrestok win Best for Life Design Award 2019 for new store design. Pyaterochka gets Time of Innovations 2019 award for retail's best implementation of innovative solutions at its first store under new concept.
  • Pyaterochka wins seven prizes with one more taken by Perekrestok at Effie Russia Awards 2019 for their achievements in marketing and advertising.
  • SAP Value Award for automation project at Perekrestok's smart kitchen.
  • Perekrestok.ru receives Runet Prize in the Economics and Business category, High Turnover award in the Breakthrough of the Year category, and International Digital Retail Forum 2019 award for innovations in retail. 


  • Pyaterochka and Perekrestok update their CVPs and start rolling out new store concepts.
  • X5 pilots its first Chizhik hard discounter store and launches the Pyaterochka #naletu scan-and-go system. 
  • Х5 enhances express delivery from Pyaterochka and Perekrestok stored and launches the Okolo hyper-local delivery aggregator. 
  • Pyaterochka enters the Kaliningrad region.
  • X5 introduces X5.ID unified customer identification system, Express Scan contactless payment system, Dialog X5 digital platform for suppliers, and X5.Transport unified platform for drivers and suppliers. 
  • Perekrestok Vprok opens two new dark stores and launches delivery service in Nizhny Novgorod, Tver, Tula, Ryazan, Vladimir, Veliky Novgorod, Kazan, and Cheboksary, as well as a self pick-up service in Rostov-on-Don.  
  • 5Post expands delivery network to 11,000 locations in 65 regions. 
  • McDonald's opens its first restaurants in Perekrestok stores. 
  • In one year, the Basket of Kindness collects 267 tonnes of food for elderly people in need, families with children, disabled people, and medical practitioners. 
  • Safety Zones in Pyaterochka and Perekrestok stores helped almost 1,000 people return home. 
  • X5 integrates sustainable development targets into its overall business strategy and joins the UN Global Compact. 


  • X5 Retail Group landed at 475th place in the Fortune Global 500 rating, while also making it into Forbes's top 25 employers for women and coming in 24th in the ESG ranking of Russian companies compiled by RAEX EUROPE.
  • Igor Shekhterman and Svetlana Demyashkevich were included in the Executive Team 2020 (Emerging EMEA) ranking published by Institutional Investor. 
  • Kommersant daily included 13 employees of X5's retail subdivision on its list of Russia's top 1,000 managers. Ekaterina Lobacheva was named the best director for legal affairs in a cross-industry rating.  
  • Anton Mironenkov won the 2020 CDO Award for the new big data-driven business model, while Leonid Dovladbegyan, Managing Director of Perekrestok Vprok, was named the best manager at High Turnover awards.
  • The Company won a number of awards for its contribution to technology development, including the Best Digital Solutions for Retail award for Dialog X5, the IT Stars prize for proprietary self-checkout systems, and the TAdviser IT PRIZE in the Digital Transformation category. On top of that, X5 was recognised as the most innovative partner of Lafayette Plug and Play, Europe's largest accelerator. 
  • X5 was honoured with an award from Institutional Investor in the Best ESG (Emerging EMEA) category, received two awards at the Reliable Partner – Environment nationwide contest for X5's sustainability recommendations for suppliers and Pyaterochka's energy-saving project, and won the Loyalty Awards Russia 2020 prize for Perekrestok's project Myths and Legends about Eating Healthy. 
  • Pyaterochka received the We Are Together award sponsored by the Russian Presidential Office for the support it provided to consumers during the pandemic. 
  • Pyaterochka made it to European Supermarket Magazine's Europe's Finest list, became the only Russian retailer to feature in the 2020 Effie Index Global ranking of the most effective brands, and carried off four prizes at 2020 Effie Awards Russia. The retail chain also won six Silver Mercury awards, five National Business Communications awards, three Golden App awards and one Competitive Procurement Leader award. 
  • X5 earned a prize at 2020 POPAI Russia Awards for three projects at Pyaterochka and two projects at Perekrestok. 
  • Pyaterochka won 33 awards in the Quality Guarantee 2020 competition and Perekrestok snatched four prizes at Private Label Awards 2020 for their private labels. 
  • Perekrestok Vprok was named the breakthrough of the year by 2019 E-Commerce Index and given several prizes for its mobile app at Runet Rating and Summer Tagline Awards. 
  • X5 earned four Crystal Pyramid 2020 awards for its HR policies and a Smart Pyramid 2020 award for its Digital Academy. 
  • Pyaterochka and Perekrestok received eight prizes at 2020 Digital Leaders Awards, three HR Team of the Year prizes, and two prizes at WOW!HR Awards. ​
  • Pyaterochka earned a silver prize at the international Business Brilliance Awards, while also raking in three bema! awards, two recognitions at HR Tech Award and four Golden Puzzle 2020 awards. 
  • At the 2020 Retail Week Awards, X5 was named the most transparent company in the food segment, Perekrestok Vprok was recognised as the IT Project of the Year, and Perekrestok won praise for its Route of Healthy Habits project.  


  • ​​X5 enters the dark kitchen segment through a deal with Mnogo Lososya 
  • X5 rolls out pay-with-a-glance technology in Perekrestok and Pyaterochka stores jointly with Sber and Visa. 
  • X5 opens distribution centres in the Moscow and Kursk regions as well as launching an import hub in Novorossiysk.
  • The Group embarks on a strategic partnership with the Higher School of Economics to run educational projects. 
  • Pyaterochka scan-and-go featuring coworkiung space opens in Moscow. 
  • Perekrestok enters the Murmansk region. 
  • Vprok.ru Perekrestok launches a self-pickup service in 33 regions using existing 5Post infrastructure 
  • Okolo aggregator service went regional and initiated delivery from restaurants in Moscow. 
  • X5 marks its 15th anniversary by rebranding as X5 Group. 
  • X5 releases its first GRI compliant sustainability report and publishes sustainable packaging recommendations for suppliers. ​
  • ​ 2021 East Capital Award for the Best Corporate Governance. 
  • СDO Award 2021 won by Dmitry Prusov and Ivan Melnik, directors at Х5 Retail Group. 
  • Six recognitions at HR Tech Award 2021, with Tatiana Krasnoperova, HR and Organisational Development Director at Х5 Retail Group, named the best manager.
  • IDRF 2021 award for Market-Driven Business Transformation.
  • X5 recognised as the most transparent company at Retail Week Awards 2021 for the third year in a row, with the IT Project of the Year award given to the Company's pay-with-a-glance technology and Perekrestok marked for Best Practice in Wine. 
  • The Company was ranked by Forbes among Russia's Top 3 most sustainable companies. 
  • Two Crystal Pyramid 2021 awards for the X5 Home Office project and the Pyaterochka motivation scheme. 
  • Six CX World Awards 2020-2021 and three Digital Communications Awards 2021 won by Pyaterochka. 
  • Eight 2021 Effie Awards Russia for Pyaterochka and one for Perekrestok. 
  • Fifteen and four awards for Pyaterochka and Perekrestok, respectively, at Silver Mercury 2021. 
  • WOW!HR award for Perekrestok. 
  • Five Tagline Awards 2020–2021 for Perekrestok's Vprok.ru mobile app. 

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