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X5 develops sustainability recommendations for suppliers

Press release pdf, 182 KB 23 June 2020

X5 publishes Sustainability Report in accordance with GRI standards

Press release pdf, 167 KB 25 May 2021

X5 includes sustainability principles in its Supplier Policy

Press release pdf, 434 KB 20 August 2020

X5 to publish first GRI sustainability report

Press release pdf, 385 KB 27 January 2021

X5 Group publishes 2021 sustainability report

Presentation pdf, 112 KB 27 May 2022

X5 identifies priorities for sustainability stakeholders

Press release pdf, 383 KB 8 February 2021

X5 Retail Group ranked among Russia’s three most sustainable companies

Press release pdf, 381 KB 26 February 2021

X5 Supervisory Board approves sustainable development strategy

Press release pdf, 490 KB 20 December 2019

X5 appoints Sergei Goncharov to lead Pyaterochka

Press release pdf, 251 KB 22 June 2018

Х5 and Plug and Play to scout for sustainable development innovations

Press release pdf, 158 KB 10 February 2022