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X5 Retail Group named “Company of the Year in Retail”

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X5 reports 28.6% revenue growth in Q3 2015

Press release pdf, 421 KB 21 October 2015

The X5 Supervisory Board recommends extending the contract of the company’s Chief Executive Officer

Press release pdf, 112 KB 22 September 2022

X5 to publish first GRI sustainability report

Press release pdf, 385 KB 27 January 2021

X5 approves amended dividend policy and first interim dividend of RUB 20 BN

Press release pdf, 385 KB 18 November 2020

X5 includes sustainability principles in its Supplier Policy

Press release pdf, 434 KB 20 August 2020

X5 develops sustainability recommendations for suppliers

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X5 introduces solutions for automated demand and replenishment planning

Press release pdf, 212 KB 14 May 2018

X5 opens 7,000th store in Russia

Press release pdf, 223 KB 17 December 2015

X5 Retail Group named «Company of the Year» in Retail

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