2011 Highlights

X5 is the number one food retailer, in terms of sales, in Russia one of the most exciting consumer markets in the world. We operate three main formats – soft discounters, supermarkets and hypermarkets – that provide distinct offerings for every customer and budget. In 2011, X5 embarked on a multi-year transformation strategy to position the Company for long-term market leadership and fi nancial success. We are stepping up investments and executing on our objectives for delivering sustainable profi table growth, including plans for driving:


X5 in 2011

Over 1.6 billion

customer visits
up 35% year-on-year

Over 3,000

stores – 1.7 million sq. m.
of selling space
Record 577 net new stores opened
Rebranding of 616 Kopeyka stores

USD 15.5 billion

in net sales
37% growth in USD terms
33% growth in RUR terms


  • Successful, customer-centric formats
  • Regional penetration and scale
  • Effi cient operations and supply chains
  • Cash generation and fi nancial strength
  • Profi table growth and higher ROE

USD 1,130 million

EBITDA margin of 7.3%


increase in operating cash ow (OCF)
CAPEX fully nanced by OCF

USD 302 million

of net income
11% increase over 2010


return on equity
Up from 13% in 2010