​​Recommendations for suppliers

X5 Retail Group has developed sustainability recommendations for suppliers – the document that is intended for X5 employees and suppliers and cover commercial procurement of core branded items, non-commercial procurement, and production of private label items.

The document has been developed in line with best sustainability practices in the food retail sector and based on the results of a survey of X5's 30 largest suppliers as well as on experts' recommendations on sustainable packaging, obtained during a public discussion initiated by X5.

The sustainability recommendations for suppliers list specific types of voluntary environmental and social certifications for various product categories informing consumers of responsible production practices. The document also reflects X5's vision for sustainable packaging, including the use of renewable packaging materials, its potential to be recycled in Russia, the use of mono-materials and recycled materials, reusable packaging and lean design. It specifies the most and least preferred raw materials for packaging.

The recommendations are not mandatory, but the Company will consider it a strong advantage if products or practices of potential suppliers meet them when a decision on partnership is made.

The recommendations have been introduced as part of X5's goal 'Promoting responsible consumption and use of resources', one of the four goals set out in the Company's sustainable development strategy that was approved in 2019 by X5's Supervisory Board.

You can view the documents here: ​

Recommendations (PDF)

List of voluntary certification schemes (XLSX)


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