​​Promoting healthy lifestyles

Ensure the availability of a wide selection of quality and healthy products to promote healthy lifestyles is one of X5's four sustainable development goals.

With due respect to the differences in tastes, lifestyles, and incomes of people, X5 is committed to improving the quality of life and providing every citizen in Russia with mo​​dern grocery shopping opportunities and convenient access to a diverse offering of high-quality products. X5 develops its retail chains and e-commerce channels, stimulating domestic production and fair competition. Over 40% of all Pyaterochka stores are located in cities and towns with a population below 100,000 people. The Company's footprint in these cities contributes to improving the quality of life in local communities.

Product quality

To ensure high quality of products in its stores, X5 Retail Group together with its suppliers closely monitors compliance with the product safety and quality standards.

The Company is also focused on developing private labels and growing the share of direct imports. These initiatives help X5 offer a unique and high-quality product range and control the traceability and quality of goods throughout the supply and production chain.


All X5 stores have a clear set of rules and guidelines regulating product safety and quality. Quality controls include both supplier audits and in-store inspections.

To ensure that products are safe for people and the environment and meet the retail standards and consumer requirements, the Company employs Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points principles​.

In 2018, Pyaterochka implemented a project to better monitor the delivery of chilled products from suppliers to stores. As part of the project, all Pyaterochka's DCs and hubs were equipped with sensors measuring real-time temperature and humidity level. A similar sensor-based temperature control procedure is used for all incoming fruits and vegetables.


The Company's stores run the Quality Hour program: every morning, from 9 to 10 a.m., all products on shelves are sorted and checked for quality and freshness. The directors of Pyaterochka stores also serve as Freshness Directors and are personally responsible for the freshness of the products sold.

Products for healthy lifestyles

Prioritising a healthy lifestyle has been one of the major recent trends, spurring the demand for personalised nutrition, quality natural products with clear ingredients and traceable origin, and organic and functional food free of gluten and sugar.

We respond to the needs of our customers by continuously expanding the range of fresh, organic and farm products. X5 is actively developing its Green Line private label and healthy lifestyle areas with several hundred SKUs of organic, gluten free, vegan, etc. food in Perekrestok supermarkets. Pyaterochka offers a range of healthy lifestyle products in its grocery section. ​


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