As our business grows, so does X5’s impact on the environment. We strive to reduce our environmental footprint using all available means.

Waste recycling and disposal

All waste generated by stores is transferred to third parties for landfilling or recycling.

Returnable containers

The Company is committed to lean manufacturing, which minimises the amounts of waste associated with deliveries of products from producers and DC-to-store transportation.

Environmental programmes and logistics

X5's logistics network adheres to principles of environmental safety, which enable the Company to cut down on the consumption of raw materials and energy while improving the quality of buildings and reducing maintenance costs.

The employees operating the Company’s car fleet conduct daily vehicle maintenance and exhaust checks.

Energy consumption and efficiency

We are working to implement new energy efficient technologies to reduce energy consumption.

The Company operates automatic monitoring systems to record the volume and quality of electric energy consumed, as well as a monitoring and control centre for these systems.


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