​Ensuring decent working conditions

Ensure decent working conditions and equal opportunities for all employees  is one of X5's four sustainable development goals.

X5 makes efforts to establish a culture of leadership, interaction, and customer centricity at all organisational levels. Over the recent years, these efforts have resulted in radical transformation and impressive growth. This approach suggests short- and long-term incentive programmes that help deliver on the strategic objectives and align the interests of the management and shareholders. At the operational level, X5 keeps cultivating employee focus on the company-wide goals by expanding its incentive plans for in-store staff, etc.


Personnel turnover management is one of the key priorities for all X5 formats. The Company applies a comprehensive approach to reducing staff turnover with a number of initiatives – competitive salary and attractive employee benefits, promoting the mentoring system, career growth and professional development.

The Company's system of values – integrit​y, respect for all, customer centricity, and ambition to deliver – is based on X5's approach to its customers, employees, and shareholders.

HR management concept

Human rights

X5 supports the four fundamental principles outlined in the International Labour Organisation's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Effective motivation and fair remuneration

X5's processes follow best market practices to maintain a fair, consistent and transparent remuneration and motivation system based on individual performance and the Company's financial results.

X5 frequently revises its remuneration system to boost performance and motivation in Pyaterochka and Perekrestok.

Training and development

X5 is committed to providing ample opportunities for professional and personal growth of its employees at all levels, using high-quality training tools. The Company offers various training programmes to all employees, from key managers to retail staff, based on job requirements, employee assessments, and business needs.


2018 saw the X5 retail chains launch training initiatives for their sales and administrative staff, including a programme that sources promising employees for the talent pool from Pyaterochka stores, a distance learning portal, and VR-based training for Perekrestok shop assistants. The Category Management Academy launched in 2018 became X5's first cross-format educational project.

Common cultural and information space

X5 Connect is an annual event where employees of the retail chains, business units, and Corporate Centre can watch video broadcasts of executive presentations. Perekrestok hosts the Business Campus, a major retail information event for employees to discuss the format's performance and objectives with the top management. Pyaterochka is the platform for More Than Retail, a regular strategic leadership session. Such events make the Company more transparent and provide employees with insights into business strategy and objectives. 


Maintaining the status of jobs in retail and operational services

Pyaterochka hosts an annual professional competition for employees called 'Masters of Pyaterochka' during which the staff demonstrates their skills and competencies in customer service and team building. Over 160,000 employees from 14,500 stores and 32 distribution centres took part in the contest in 2019. The Logistics Superman competition is held at Perekrestok, as well as operational competition called Champions League. The League of Professional X5 Drivers is a major annual event arranged by the Company's logistics department.

Internship programme

X5 strives to make the Company attractive for both existing and potential employees. The Company's size, ambitious projects and innovations offer great potential for professional development and career growth. X5 Retail Group enters into partnership with leading universities and youth NGOs, arranges internships for students as part of the STARtX5 project and provides the best performers with an opportunity to become part of its team. ​


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