X5 Group is a leading Russian food retailer that manages the retail chains, as well as the digital businesses, and also operates its own logistics services, direct import and a number of digital services for partners


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Х5 Group was founded more than 20 years ago, having evolved from its roots as an entrepreneurial initiative to build a leading Russian retailer in line with international best practices.

X5 strives to provide every customer, no matter where they live and regardless of income level, with the opportunity to shop in modern format stores, ensuring comfortable access to a wide range of high quality products.

By developing its retail chains, X5 expands distribution channels and encourages the development of Russian production​. 

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Retail formats



  • Proximity​ store for daily shopping
  • Located in residential areas close to customers’ homes
  • Focused range of goods designed to meet everyday needs and top-up shopping
  • Value for money first price and private-label products
  • Promotions to encourage customers to save more
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  • Russia’s leading high-quality fresh products supermarket
  • Premium shopping experience
  • Prime central locations in cities or transit hubs
  • Focus on high quality, fresh, exotic or unique range
  • Excellent customer service and loyalty programme
More about "Perekrestok"


  • Destination store for food and household goods
  • Value-for-money shopping in city locations
  • Close to residential areas or easily accessible sites with ample parking
  • Wide range of food (multi-pack/prepared/counter service) and focused non-food range
  • Strong promotions, reinforced by a powerful loyalty programme
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X5 at a glance

1,978(USD 27,417​ mln)
2020 NET PROFIT (RUB mln)
39,180(USD 543 mln)

Shareholder Capital as of 30 September 2021

The Company’s shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE ticker: FIVE) and Moscow Exchange (MOEX ticker: FIVE​) in the form of Global Depositary Receipts (GDRs). Each GDR represents an interest of 0.25 of one ordinary share.

  •  ​CTF Holdings S.A.​​
  • Shareholders with less than 3%
  • Intertrust​​ Trustees Ltd (Axon trust)
  • X5 Directors
  • Treasury shares
Total number of shares – 67,893,218
Equivalent number of GDRs – 271,572,872
CTF Holdings S.A. is the part of Alfa Group​ *Effective ownership   
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