​​​Our strategy

Vision: On a sustainable basis, X5 aims to maintain and reinforce its leadership in the Russian food market providing its customers with the best shopping experience.

Goals for 2020 

  • Deliver strong top-line growth above the market and competition while at least maintaining margins
  • Double the size of the business within 3–4 years after 2015
  • Achieve a 15% market share by the end of 2020
  • Focus on organic expansion
  • Support a self-regulation strategy for Russian retail
  • Further optimise logistics and operating expenses
  • Reduce shrinkage costs

Multi-format operating model

  • Act as a hub of customer value propositions/retail chains
  • Build a platform that enables management of the portfolio of retail chains
  • Target the largest and most profitable segments of the Russian food retail market​

Constant adaptation of value propositions

  • Develop distinct value propositions for each format
  • Continuously adapt to evolving market conditions and customer demand
  • Execute holistically from comprehensive assortment and category reviews to store refurbishments​

Strong leadership team

  • Maintain the right mix of skills to execute even in a tough operating environment
  • Motivate based on long-term value creation​

Intelligent growth

  • Focus on organic growth
  • Engage in tactical regional M&A as a way to quickly reach critical mass
  • Improve store refurbishments and new store opening efficiencies
  • Expand partnerships

    ​Excellence in operational execution

  • In-store execution
  • Optimise distribution centre logistics and transportation
  • Improve shelf availability



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