​​​​​Our strategy

X5 aims to be the first choice for its customers, the most appealing employer and the most valuable investment for its shareholders.

Engagement with suppliers, local communities and government authorities is a core foundation for our sustainable growth. 

We build relationships with our suppliers on the basis of mutual commercial interests and focus on long-term partnerships with manufacturers.​

We maintain an open dialogue with state and public institutions, and develop relationships with local communities.


Our key priorities

  • New level of customer-centricity based on a deeper knowledge of the client, using big data and a new level of service
  • Cost optimisation and process efficiency
  • Balanced organic growth
  • Implementation of modern technologies and innovations
  • Development of self-regulation practices among participants of the Russian  consumer market ​

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Our principles

To achieve our strategic goals we adhere to the following principles:

  • ​Customer-centricity: we constantly use new technologies and innovations and upgrade our stores to adapt to changing demand.
  • Implementation of innovations ahead of market: technology is changing our industry with increasing speed, and we aim to be on the leading edge of technological transformation by developing and implementing new ways of improving efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction. 
  • Focus on leadership: our management team consists of highly-experienced professionals. We developed both long-term and short-term motivation systems to align the interests of the management team with our plans for sustainable and profitable growth.
  • Effective operating model: X5 implements a decentralised management model, giving each of the retail chains a significant share of responsibility for the success of its business segmen.​

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