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Company Information

X5 Retail Group N.V. (“X5” or the “Company”) is a leading Russian food retailer. The Company operates the following retail formats: the soft discounter chain under the Pyaterochka brand, the supermarket chain under the Perekrestok brand, the hypermarket chain under the Karusel brand and convenience stores under various brands.

At 31 December 2013, X5 had 4,544 Company-operated stores. It has the leading market position in both Moscow and St. Petersburg and a significant presence in the European part of Russia. Its store base includes 3,568 Pyaterochka soft discounter stores, 390 Perekrestok supermarkets, 83 Karusel hypermarkets and 189 convenience stores.The Company operates 32 DCs and 1,848 Company-owned trucks across the Russian Federation.

X5 Retail Group N.V. was established on May 18, 2006, as the result of the merger between Pyaterochka and Perekrestok retail chains. In June 2008, X5 acquired the Karusel hypermarket chain, which allowed the Company to substantially strengthen its position in the hypermarket format and become a multi-format retail chain. X5 continued to consolidate the Russian retail market by closing two milestone transactions in 2009 and 2010 with the acquisition of the Paterson and Kopeyka retail chains, respectively. In 2011, X5 added a record 577 stores organically and completed the integration of the Kopeyka retail chain, acquired in December 2010, by rebranding 616 Kopeyka stores to X5’s Pyaterochka and Perekrestok brands.

X5 Retail Group N.V.’s global depository receipts have been traded on the London Stock Exchange since Pyaterochka’s IPO in May 2005 under the ticker “FIVE LI”.

Our Brands

Pyaterochka is a leading national soft discounter brand and is one of the first modern grocery retail chains to open in the Russian market. It accounted for 65% of X5’s total 2012 net retail sales. The stores are focused on convenient and efficient shopping, best prices, unique offerings and attractive promo for diverse low- and middle- income customer base. Stores offer a range of approximately 3,500 stock keeping units (SKUs) and have an average net selling space of 350 square meters.

Perekrestok is a leading national supermarket brand in Russia. The stores emphasize differentiated offer at fair prices for middle and upper income customers valuing quality and service and extended choice of fresh goods Green Perekrestok is a premium version of the original supermarket brand that offers an extended range of high-quality products at the best prices in the premium supermarket segment. Perekrestok stores offer approximately 11,000 SKUs in an average net selling space of 1,000 square meters.

Karusel is X5 Retail Group’s national hypermarket brand and one of the largest hypermarket chains currently operating in the Russian market. It offers its customers economical one-stop shopping with wide range of quality food and supplementary non-food assortment, efficient service at cash registers and engaging weekly catalogues. The stores have an average net selling space of 5,000 square meters and offer approximately 22,000 SKUs.

Operating under the Perekrestok Express and Kopeyka brands, Express convenience stores offer convenient shopping for people in a hurry. Perekrestok Express is located in hightraffic zones – subways, airports, railway stations – and offers ready-to-eat meals, which account for up to 50% of the stores’ assortment. Kopeyka offers convenient shopping in residential areas with a focus on fresh produce..

In early 2012, X5 launched the E5.RU project, which operates as an online retail store offering more than 400,000 non-food products. E5.RU offers customers the convenience and flexibility of choosing the time, location and method of receiving and paying for their online purchases. Customers may pay for and receive the goods selected on the web site in our Perekrestok and Pyaterochka stores in Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and select other regions.

Our Results

For the full year 2012, net sales totaled USD 15,795 mln, EBITDA reached USD 1,124 mln, and net loss amounted to USD 126 mln.

Our Shareholder Structure

The Company’s shareholder structure as of 31 December 2013, is as follows: Alfa Group – 47.86%, founders of Pyaterochka – 16.35%, X5 Directors – 0.02%, treasury shares – 0.07%, free float – 35.70%.

Corporate Center:
28 Srednyaya Kalitnikovskaya str., bld.4, Moscow, 109029, Russia
 | Tel.: +7 (495) 662 88 88, 789 95 95, Fax: +7 (495) 662 88 88, ext. 61-145